Alternative Religion (Humor)

Satya Pamarty

Just imagine for a moment, that all our mythology stems from an alien visit and contact! Everything might fall into place. There were two alien races that visited the earth. The dEvAs and the asurAs. They had technology that seemed like magic. A hundred years ago, anyone who saw a plane or a video phone in my ancestor's village would have thought they saw a sign from God!

Apart from the dEvAs, there were also gaMdharvAs, kinnerAs, kiMpurushAs etc, possibly from different friendly planets (friendly to the dEvAs that is). They had planes, weapons of unbelievable potency etc. The dEvAs had architects, teachers, doctors and people of several professions amongst them back home. Their technology could let them change their shape and appearance apart from doing other seemingly unbelievable things.

Were they just astral projections or some such thing? The 21st Century technology may not have made the grade to understand this yet.

For a person to grow in a day, perhaps, they used to apply some advanced technology based on Einstein's theory of Special relativity and time dilation? Quite possible with the right equipment and at the right speed of light, Ain't it? Or was he a clone? or was it a sophisticated Android? An Android (humanoid robot) can be built in a day in the future, right? Or some new company can beat it and make it in half a day.

Hindu mythology also speaks of time being different for different people in different time frames. Many yugas on earth make one day for Brahma etc. Einstein was the second to discover it.

The population of the dEvAs at the time of their earthly visit was 33 crores. They did not have eyelids (#animEshulu#?). Some of them had extra limbs too, extra eyes (Does that sound unbelievable to our scientist friends for aliens to be like this?).

These two alien races fought over the control of the known part of the universe. We always end up fighting, whether it's our bed, backyard, or the Universe, don't we? What ever our level of knowledge or ignorance!

These aliens displayed to the earthlings their technological prowess and told them their stories. These fellows saw those awe inspiring stuff and wrote their epics, but could not put enough scientific material into them to make future (primitive) doubting Thomases believe the technologies to be true.

The contact was lost several thousand years ago (may be the inevitable happened and the two races finished each other off, they never learn, do they?), but the stories of their technologies lingered on in unwritten form, conveyed orally from generation to generation, corrupted with respect to the technological soundness, but keeping alive the magical make believe.

I can extrapolate this theory with more ignorance if someone is game. You may be surprised by what you might find!