Irreconcilable Books


Those hands took portrait photographs
These inherited fingers click digital snap-shots
Still, how to portray your image after aeons
Without a brush, with a fading inner light of memory?

In childhood, you forbade bike riding for years
Then, little did I know of - your tragic bike accident
You bore its scars, lifelong with a heavy sigh.

You sacrificed land, leisure, and pride
For my interminable studies
To make me most educated in the entire street.

When you brought tiffin for my school final exams
Or, when you brought a sackful of Banganpalle mangoes
Walking miles in hot Andhra summer midday
Your affection was always as sweet and transparent
As the coastal coconut water.

Except some small errands
Like picking flowers for puja
Or, going to the temple monthly on Siva-ratri day
I did nothing for you, nothing to ease your difficulties
A heavy debt, indeed I bear in my heart, forever.

At this late hour,
Retrospective is all I got
In the immature youth, I behaved like an 'Opuntia Cactus'
Yet, you gently nurtured me with a soft heart
For that rare, impossible stubborn bloom - of my dream.

Am no painter, no 'Adi Sankara'
Nor a tern to fly thousands of miles
Could you, Nanna, accept these scribblings
As obsequies?

(A Remembrance on Father's Day)