Mohan Vallabhajosyula

Quiet breeze among the mighty peaks
Originating from the whole of the universe
Eternal as they are, the Himalayas
As if to let the known secret open

Ever resonating the sacred sound OUM
Bringing sublime piety and blessed quiet
For those who cared and never felt
Weird to chant nor bored to repeat

Small droplets rolling down the giant slopes
Turning into mighty rivers gushing to the oceans
Gentle trickling mystical sounds,
Intensifying into thunderous roars onward to plains

The Indus, Ganges and the Brahmaputra
Let loose bountiful life forms, and resources aplenty
In peace, health and wealth for life to thrive in glory
Man pleased, wondered and overwhelmed
At the grace through nature that showered
Inspired to know the source of this blessing
Who himself is, that is receiving and enquiring.
All that is visible, sensible in the world, he analyzed

Looked toward Heavens having dissatisfied.
The moon, sun, the stars, and the planets
Gave no clue of the source of benevolence
The one causing the sense of being
Showering loving grace for earthly living
That man was committed to fully knowing

Certain that none outside had the answer valid
Discarded all that mind displayed and selfishness hid
Looked inward himself, opening the ego’s lid
Searched for the all causing entity
In adoration, reverence, and devotion
With humility, dedication, and determination.

In time, empowered with wisdom and intuition
Mind and heart molded by revelation
Declared, “Tat Twam Asi”, “Aham Brahmasmi”
You are That, I am that “I AM”
Thou art eternal, the universal and the universe
The created, creator and the creation
And thou are in all and all that there is, the only one
The known, knower and the knowledge
The light of awareness, is the cause of all
The source and sustenance in all “being”
The awareness reflected in each moment, always.

Pure awareness, the invisible and un-describable
The causeless cause of the world, the visible
And this world sensible and comprehendible
Both true, holy, complete and inseparable
The visible relatively and the invisible absolutely, real
As many worlds as there are minds
Seen integrally but aspects of same one world-mind,
Consciousness, being and existence
Plurality is but a myth, no substance

Having experienced that knowledge in practice
In absolute bliss wished, “all worlds be in peace”
“Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi”

Began the Vedic culture and tradition
Millennia ago bringing Vedas into our midst
Following the Indus civilization
In the valleys of Harappa and Mohenjedaro

Over the centuries that followed
Flourished in abundance
Literature, arts, crafts and sciences
Of wealth, health, religion, ethics and politics
Marvels of talent, technique and genius
A religious philosophy and a way of life
Integrating the aspirations and compulsions of life earthly
With inspiring influence of Spirit heavenly.

Scores of cultures, languages
And religious leanings
Branching off the Vedic culture and language, Sanskrit
Co-existing, complementing and sharing
A thousand year rule by Moguls
Transformed into a tolerant, enriching,
Lasting living experience
Of mutual trust and nobility
Marked by emperors like the Ashoka and the Akbar

Came into this milieu, the British
A new language and a host of new traditions
A whole new way of looking and valuing life
Emphasizing the material and the human
Over the spiritual and the divine

Its might and genius of political acumen
Well applied in the multi-lingual and cultural canvas
Brought to fore the forces of division and diversity
Thousands of kingdoms fell making the British
The supreme power and ruler of the land.

Came together the people of the subcontinent
Displeasure and discontent raising their intent
To fight for freedom and self rule
United in thought but not yet in action
Before the rule crossed hundred years.

Threatened, challenged and ignored,
A way was found through a great soul discovered
Stood by his means and behind him rallied.
The powers of austere and simple living
Non-violence and quiet non-cooperation
In face of injustice, brutality
Deprivation and humiliation
Through Gandhi won independence.

Painful was the division and separation
Between the two peoples, like brothers till then
The sub-continent divided into two nations
Pakistan and India remained in discord since

Complementing each other replaced by competition
Political compulsions giving rise to suspicion
Distrust and unavoidable wars
Causing hardship and misery in both countries.
Another instance of struggle for material supremacy
Undermining the relevance of spiritual reality.

A vibrant Democracy and a developing economy
A nation turbulent but tolerant in ideology
Over a billion, a sea of humanity
Common roots in ways of life and philosophy
Firm belief in one God, world, and destiny
Wishing peace and rightful place in harmony
For all humans, animals and plants alike

The land of the Vedas and Vyasa
Of Buddha and the Mahatma
Of Mahaveer and Chaitanya
Of Harsha, Akbar and Ashoka
Of Guru Nanak, Kabir and Sankara
Of Meerabhai and Tyagaraja
Of Ramana Maharshi and Ramakrishna
Of Ravi Shankar and Allha Rakha
Of Nehru, Bhabha, Kalaam ,Tata and Birla
To name but a few great men and women
Among hundreds in various fields
Who designed the canvas of today’s India
A complex, fascinating compound entity in world community
Of traditional, cultural, social, political and spiritual values
Giving immense capacity to adapt to changing realities of the world

The land
Of wealth and poverty unlimited
Of knowledge and innocence unsurpassed
Of spirit of freedom and merit of tolerance
Of courage and humility in equal measure
Of opposites thriving in unity
Where religion, arts, science and technology play their roles
Lending a balanced field for pursuit of individual’s goals
And wear-out their karmic costumes
In the shadow of spiritual umbrella held firm and lit with wisdom
Of unknown sources and unrecorded ages
Where the pain in pleasure, and
Pleasure in enduring pain
Well understood, and accepted as a fact of life.