The Politicians (India)

Swagatham: (Talking to myself) OR Subu’s Musings
The Politicians (India) and my purpose in joining AOIC chapter.
Subu Garikapati

Ok my Mind, here today I would like to talk to myself of how fascinated I am of politicians more then the politics of the day. By nature I want to be an impartial observer to all the events happening around me and come up with my own theories grouped with analytic thinking and reasonable deductions. In this internal chaos I go through mentally in my Subway travails every day, in my idle standing and sitting postures, with my gazing aim less moving eyes, I with your helping hand will put up some rational output on this thought “The Political Leaders” on paper. As usual you prompted me to talk to myself about the purpose of my joining in this esteemed organization called AOIC. Yes so here we go to write about it.

Let me remind my Mind, when I scribble these English lines, I am handicapped with writing good grammatical sentences, with widely using inappropriate prepositions, incomplete sentences, putting through random thoughts in compound sentences, mixing up subject and predicate, using complex unneeded Sat adjectives and adverbs and mixing up the tenses. With the advent of modern computers, I am saved with spelling errors as this Microsoft Word invention corrects all the poor spelled words with ease as I go along writing these lines. In all these cases please excuse yourself, pardon for the mistakes, skip the in appropriate sentences and just move on to the next sentence. If you get bored in reading these sentences skip to the next paragraph as appropriately as it seems to you. Also at this thought I was reminded of my old Schools days in US where I was writing letters to my parents and to my father in English. I remember the response letter from my father which used to be inked with all the English errors I made in my previous letter more then any other serious advice from a Father to son, but in any case I used to get all the information in Telugu from my mother which compensated the missing dotted information from home. Also about writing letters, it was 19 years before from now when I have written my last postal letter. What a shame, I have no letters from my father correcting his favorite eldest son’s English errors as I was not writing him any more, and now after so many moves I might have lost the old letters in this transit of life. In any case I remember his corrections and the advice to improve my writing skills and of which I never completed. On his part he did all correct things in bringing me up, by joining me in the best Good English medium school of the day (St Pauls in HYD) and it so happens that it is not as good as a Long Island School.

Mind, as I was saying to you, this is how you have trained my thinking over the years by making me to jump from one concept to the other and missing the main Idea, but in any case chaos rules all over the world and so let us drift back to the main subject. As you know my mind, keep me to be brutally honest in my views as Truth always prevails. But also let me remind myself that my truth is humbug to the person next to me. Thank you for helping me to realize this truth. Also do you remember you talked over and over again never ever to Judge a person, and a person in first acquaintance and also not by the appearance. You also said appearances are sometimes deceptive. Let me reiterate myself—Never to Judge a person and have misconceptions without knowing any details.

Also at this juncture I remind myself about the other truth you have revealed way back 20 years back. Always think positive of the person next to you and overall develop positive thinking, which over time will bring peace within yourself. It is good that I reminded myself with these 2 cardinal rules before broaching on a very sensitive subject, which can have many spins and interpretations.

As you know, If I remember right about 6 to 8 months before, in the beautiful outdoor setting of Dr Gaddam Reddy garu’s residence, chilled air blowing through, with like minded people cracking jokes, gathered with distinguished, long time IOC members, a new political organization called APINOC was born under the stewardship of Dr Reddy, Dr Madava , Mr Mahesh under the tall standing personality of Dr Malhotra (INOC president) along with many other foot workers. APINOC where AP stands for Andhra is the first state level Congress committee formed in Overseas America which fortunately landed in the right hands to carry forward with a simple idea in helping the Mother country along with the birth place (Andhra Pradesh), with high ideals, selfless service, using the accumulated influence by interacting with the political system of our beautiful adopted country. I get to meet very accomplished professionals in their field of profession and on the top of it are an excellent group of big hearted philanthropists of the likes Mr MallaReddy, Dr Gaddam Reddy, Dr Mandava, Drs Polavarapu, Dr Malhotra, Dr Nori, Mr Mahesh and many anonymous contributors in this newly formed organization. These many individuals have one thing in their mind to serve and be the ambassadors of the Mother country in their adopted home country. Thank you my mind in reminding me that too much of praise can become a bragging session as they are above these trivial characterizations, we will move to the very subject you have started.

My mind, I am coming to answer to your question of what business I have in this organization. As you know my Mind you made me by birth an introvert, loving to be a low profile individual but always to be proactive. I was born in a family where my father instilled the virtues of Congress and grilled me the good ethos of congress party in my childhood and thus became card carrying congress person. But as I was growing up I got into many moments of introspection of the present ruling elite, and also I was comparing notes with the other parties which were in ruling. At times it looked that everyone and everything is same in some matters and everything was different in the other important agendas of manifestos. Finally after a lot of churning I went back to my father’s strong instincts and became a full fledged congressperson by heart. I strongly believe that it is nothing wrong to take a stand and divulge deep into its thoughts of one organization of what you believe, instead of dithering all the time, flip flopping from one party to the other for convenience. It does not mean that by being strongly affiliated in one organization, that I belittle the other one, but in my case I have the wisdom to accept the good in all parties at all times.

Usually people are enamored by the movie actors and flock around them with great anticipation and curiosity. These movie actors are a hyped group in either the outer beauty or achievements and looking through the tainted glasses, people throng towards them like the bees towards the honey. But in reality these movie actors are no honey and when we meet in person they come out with their true colors of ordinary beauty, inflated egos and sometimes foul speaking words flowing very freely. In any case I am not interested in these fiascos of meeting actors, but meeting the politicians is a different thing. Here the expectations are very low and can have good surprises. When I met these distinguished leaders like K Keshav Rao – an extremely sharp man, well educated, with very good managerial skills, a smooth taker, problem solver and always seen as the trouble shooter for the chief minister. At other time I met this dashing young leader Mr Yakshi our own NRI, instead of living in easy going USA life with a thriving law practice, he had a U-Turn to go back to his native impoverished Nalloganda and became the first NRI MP at Delhi. He is super active leader with active agenda of helping the people by trying to get the small and big essentials needs to his district and at the same interacting with the bigwigs in Delhi, NewYork and Whashington. Again at other time I met Mr Ravi Mallu a leader of the land and yet representative of under developed MahabubNagar district getting to do the grass root level work for his constituents. Also I happen to meet Vaylar Ravi a long time congressman from Kerala and recently Indrasena Reddy -- yet another grass root long time congressman. It looks that the cream of the political team of Andhra visit US and is extremely interesting to watch them from distance, by being in the same room as I do. These are very powerful people who could really matter to millions of impoverished people, only if they intend to do the good work for which they were chosen.

As an impartial observer and without expecting anything of any form from them I put myself in a very advantageous and envious position.

I understand my Mind of your impatience of me babbling all along in so many paragraphs, instead of coming to the point. But said that, that is how you have trained me all along. Coming back to the question “What I am doing in this newly formed organization”?

As you know one of the activities of this organization is to host the prominent congressmen coming from Andhra Pradesh and Delhi and have a one to one chat in a very relaxing environment. Here in these meetings the visiting minister, a MLA, a MP or any other distinguished individual will have a conversation and brief us of the events happenings of state, takes advice from the NRI’s who act as buffer between the Indian and US governments. In the recent past besides achieving important issues regarding the home state, Dr Reddy, Dr Mandava, Dr Malhotra , Mr Mahesh along with AIOC and IOC members have taken up the Vital and important Nuclear issue between the two countries and built a rapport with the US Congressmen by writing letters of support and meeting them in person to support this on going Nuclear bill which is in the congress. Just by following up this one issue and going though to its logical conclusion itself is a feather in the cap for this newly formed organization. When they achieved this activity they can then go to another milestone and goals with ease and confidence.

Finally -- What is my part in this organization?

This is the theory in my Mind; see this if it makes sense. A teacher like my middle school teacher Mr Rasool Sir from St Pauls High Schhol had a great impact in my School and helped me to appreciate Math. Yes a good teacher has a great influence on his student and by educating him he will be educating this child;s future family. Like wise in his lifetime he will touch a few thousand of his students. It is a very noble profession of educating the uneducated.

Likewise Doctor is a very noble profession, he/she are compared to be the embodiments of God as they have the capabilities to cure the physical pain and sorrow. Since every person follows the ageing process, with other physical calamities in the ongoing struggles of life they have to see the Almighty in the form of the doctor. Sure the Dr will cure these pains and get through these difficulties of these suffering humanity. Yes this particular Doctor will cure a few thousands in his or her life time.

A spiritual person a Saint\Preacher\Moula\Guru with his\her accumulated wisdom, and with the teachings passed through generations of mankind tries to inculcate the spiritual wisdom by bringing up incessantly the basic moral values of life to the fore front , by pleading them, cajoling some time and some time showing some carrots to his\her followers. This spiritual person will definitely succeed in changing some tens of thousand of the humanity in his or her life time.

Finally I am coming to the meat of this constant babbling. My mind as you have said and I repeat, the politicians and the representatives of people in a democracy are the chosen children of Almighty. If some one reads this they may have the last laugh, so please give some supportive arguments to assimilate this difficult statement.

These chosen children of GOD are bestowed with immense powers by the system of democracy. With a wave of a hand or a signature on an inked paper they can change the fate of millions of people across India. They have the limitless powers which can be used for the good or the bad of these millions of people involved in this game. If they wish they can eradicate poverty, build bridges between diverse religions, make every village a model place to live, bring heaven to earth. At the same time they can negate all the above.

They are attributed with enormous powers in hand, as a public servant and when the dispose these responsibilities with dignity and behave in a righteous manner, the mankind is blessed by their actions. There would be no more suicide of farmers, no more of hunger, not any one is deprived of education because of their birth, no bar of caste or creed or religion. Our prayers make them so powerful, mold them to the best of their behavior that their service to the humanity surpasses of a teacher, a doctor, a spiritual person and can affect a vast many people then any one can think of.

Here comes my part, and when these distinguished personalities visit APINOC for an informal meeting with the NRI’s. I sit down in my designated place and pray within myself on behalf of this distinguished political leader. I do this without moving my lips and I say to myself either “Rama”, “Sai”, “Jesus” or “Allah” and when I repeat these words within myself, I will make sure that my friend next to me would not notice that I was talking to myself. Some may attribute that talking to yourself is a sign of insanity but it is only their version and view of the world. I pray very loudly within myself to give this person ( the political leader) the moral upright, the intelligence to take the correct decisions which will affect many people in the society. I plead to the Almighty to give him all the material benefits he wants, and put some common sense to him to have a limit to his wants, so that after he could totally focus as a representative of the Almighty as the chosen child of HIM to lead the impoverished mankind to happiness. My mind these are thoughts you have put in me and you cannot shy away to support these assertions. 1) How one’s prayer can affect the other individual and in particular a politician .2) How to convince a laughing critic of this funny theory.

Yes, one’s prayer does have affect on the other individual if the prayer is for the good of this person, is performed selflessly, with a motive to invoke the omnipresent Almighty in this person, to lit and make it glow the immense radiance within this person, otherwise a dormant matter. At the offset this looks like a theory, as scientifically it was not yet measured, and do not have any units (like lbs, in), but it does not mean that the prayers and its consequences is a riddle that cannot be solved in the near future in the lab. Yoga theory was proven very true in the lab and it is a matter of time that this theory will also be proved. A good example is if the synchronized marching soldiers frequency matches with the natural frequency of the bridge the bridge will collapse. This was proved. We have electromagnetic waves of all kind of all frequencies and amplitudes all around us doing wonders for us, and of which we never had a glance of it but we see its affects. Like wise this theory is also true and very soon it will be proven in the lab. The above theory of prayer can also be proved and let analyze how to prove this one. I was in this room uttering those prayer words and say it has an affect of a small portion. ( To be exact 1 / 120000000 ( I assume 12 crores is Andhra’s population). And if on a given day if 51% of Andhra population pray for this politician it will have a profound affect on him and instantly he will turn out to be a messiah of God for the day. So my prayer on that day had an affect on him but may be a miniscule and this politician proportionally did a good deed to his chosen fellow men. In this context let me narrate how my prayer in its own small way affected the fortunes of our present chief minister Dr Rajashekhar Reddy. When he was not in power and wandering over the globe he visited the Ganesh temple in Flushing for a function organized to facilitate him. Since he is not in power then, I forced myself and sat next to this couple who would latter become the first family of AP. I prayed for him and whispered in his ears ( this again I forced myself) and said to pray the Lord. My part of 1/12000000000000 prayer had an affect on him and from there he did lot of padayatra and got the rest of the fraction to get him elected. So here is a good example and who can say prayer of good intentions on any individual cannot have affect in his performance. If anyone wants to disagree it can come out of sheer ignorance or deep arrogance. The argument proves than ones prayer has an affect but it is in a very small fraction of the whole and it is other humanity when they do their part can make this a whole number 1. We have to go through this process of prayer for him\her with purity in our mind because he is the chosen representative of GOD . Once this is done he will use his immense power to the betterment of the humanity, he can put a limit to his wants and work for his constituents. This is how Laloo Prasad Yadav was successful as a Railway Minister as some people around him prayed for his success, even if the elite critics belittle his achievements, the truth is he did some improvements in Railways as statistics do not lie. If the person in this case the politician, due to our prayers puts a cap to the materialistic needs, then the electromagnetic waves emanated from our constant prayers towards this individual, will have a profound positive impact on him. With this newly available source of energy he will rejuvenate as our Lalloo Saab as a representative of the masses and will do tremendous job for the country. A good percentage of Electro Magnetic wave spectrum is not seen by the naked eye, but in many cases we will feel the affect of it when it strikes to our eyes, skin or the body. Similarly it is a fact, that constant prayer will direct the positive energy to negate the wrongs in this person for the good of everyone.

Now my Mind, the readers assume that I am writing this rubbish scribbling with naivety and my above theory is a big humbug in reality. You and I know how wrong these readers are as they have no idea of the affect of silent prayers, and only time and experience will put them in this line. I am a very realistic person as you have witnessed I already saw 1 and ½ Ups and 2 downs in this life, I was working in Wall Street for 12+ years under the most strenuous managers and environment dealing with many unscrupulous events, living in the reality every minute of my life. I can very well say the reader is naïve in following this theory, and I am no naïve person in any respect. With this theory in place, my mind, of which you are chief contributor I will do my role as an APINOC member by praying for these distinguished chosen representative of GOD and in turn they will change the Andhra, India and the World.

My Mind this is a beautiful thought on the lines of the movie “Lage Raho MunnaBhai” and I hope some one will grab the idea and coin a new word like “BabaGiri” or “Namaste Giri” in the likes of “Gandhi Giri” and “Dada Giri”. Hope that this movie will become a stupendous hit and in turn every Indian goes on to pray for the “Chosen children of God – The political leaders” and then go ahead to win the Oscars.

Next time, my Mind we will go through another interesting subject.