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mohan vallabhajosyula


I am a drop of rain and I fall naturally down
On a leaf to sparkle, glory be to lord the Sun
I am in a glass and have the shape and color of it
Glad I am that I may quench some-one's thirst

Know that I seem like a well ever filling myself
Know not the sources of springs that fill my shelf
A life-sustaining source for a whole village
Never having to do a thing to have that privilege

I flow being a river, ever lively and roaring
Make the soil wet and fertile within my reach caring
Move loads of cargo down my way none in return asking
People even worship me with tributes glowing
Though I know not how I become a river charming

Then I appear like ponds, tanks or lakes huge
Serving limited marine life and as flood- water refuge
And altering weather patterns essential to change
And preserve the rhythm of seasons locally in shape

Native of the oceans am I, host to most of life marine
Sustainer of life on the planet but humble I remain
Original and only source of all waters wherever
Whatever the names you use and describe however

Within me are space, air, fire, and earth
Peer elements in causing, developing, sustaining
And recycling of various energies set forth
In creating the world you are experiencing

Every drop of me, formed and started in the skies
Whichever way, whenever, is destined to reach the seas
As prayers of all to Gods, of various conceptions
Finally reach the same, single all mighty Life-process
That creates, sustains and recycles all forms
Preserving the rule of natural law, order and justice
Of the Willful, Omnipotent and the Omniscient

I was once a drop dwelling within erected border
On a leaf, in a stream, in a well to harbor
Back in sky, invisible, undefined being, sure as vapor
Back in a lake, or into a river

Drawn into the ocean into a pleasant merger
I am vast and deep, contented, self-contained ever
My physical features and coordinates may alter
Now that I am made aware of my true nature
Never again shall I need be concerned here-after
No matter how many times I have to disappear
Into skies and become a drop in rain shower

#maa Telugu talliki malle data#

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