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Mohan V.


A dwelling apartment without balcony unfortunate indeed
An opening for a feel at will of neighbor-hood,
Fresh air, Sunís warmth or soothing rain when in need
To appear to the rest and vanish from the scene, unbound
Relax reading, quietly sit, meditate or work on any project on hand

A soulís journey from the fall, if any, perhaps is akin to
Appearances at will on balcony for viewers who care to be
Through innumerable spans of life in our measure
To live in this world, leave unannounced, no clue to where
From where we fell, to ascend whatever the pace

Birth and death on Earthly plane, but entry and exit of each span of life
Which this world molds, tries to own measure and use
Unasked gives a name, an identity and a rating to oneís life
Demands to fall in-line, no concern to know, who and why one is here

Earthly existence fashioned by senses and mind unavailable otherwise
To experience fully embodied the pain and pleasures, in disguise
Residual desires keep us impure till we sublimate and become wise
May add a few presently, as we live now in the eternal process of life
The truth for us to realize
A suffering soul with no chance ever to redeem and cleanse
Similar to being without a balcony, no way to relax at will with ease

Joy balcony gives renders me helpless but to humbly revere in return
Down below, a pretty river reaching the mouth to an ocean
Rising, falling, as tides of the sea several times a day fill and drain
Ducks, geese, a swan family, other water birds, fish and cranes even
At random, in freedom adorn, simply pleasure, my boon.
As wind makes ripples, Sun and Moon sparkle through at once in Million
Beauties of trees and plants on the banks reflecting in naked abandon

Hovering above once in a while, doves in hundreds, nesting nearby
Rhythms by clouds through rains, heavy or light on flowing water by the by.
Come winter, a bed of snow reflecting the sun turns hue to cool white
And thin streams with gurgling tunes string through broken blocks of ice
Waiting patiently, cranes pickup a fish or two from the stream, a sight to see
What a pleasant state, views from the balcony gift me so often
Life joyful, we waste to earn in greed, hoard and suffer from fear and pain.

#maa telugu talliki mallepU daMDaa#

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