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Can This Be Told (corrected)

Mohan Vallabhajosyula


How can it be sold
What needs to be told
That is worthier than gold
To all those on needless hold
And groomed into pitiful mold
Can anyone be that bold?

That what you are made to believe as the Truth,
What you are compelled to practice as worth,
If you in theology and in the system have faith
While you live your life on Earth
Then, in heaven as reward you could secure a berth

That if you tread away or against the path
Meticulously designed to avoid Godís wrath
By institutions and specialists acclaimed to know Godís math
You would be condemned to hell after death
To suffer forever with no chance to recover thence-forth
With no scope to redeem and prove oneís worth
And make legitimate claim for pardon and heavenís berth

Those are merely myth and untrue
Smart lies to control and rule
Our timidity and indifference put to use
Sad that we do think God needs some body else
To tell on HIS behalf what SHE wants of us
That IT has not given us minds and hearts to use
And get to know that HE needs none to please
That SHE appointed none to preach to appease.

Where we are today negates, for enlightenment, all scope.

Neither can there be hell
Nor heaven that humans talk so well
All that given us is only ďwillĒ
Any time, in any disposition to feel
Like one is in heaven or in hell.

The Lord praised as but full of compassion
Never could resort possibly to condemnation
Of any soul of whatever dispensation
To suffer in hell forever, ever without salvation.

Sweet aura of sensual pleasures and a life with no shortages,
Access to needless gadgets even to those with no wages,
Myths of liberty and freedom believed as true since ages,
We are so used to, have bound us to behave like stooges.
Ignorance, hypocrisy, snobbery and greed made us hostages
Indifference and fear of condemnation shaped our images.

Salesmanship of religious institutions seem to outwit
Genius of commercial enterprises in luring us into a fit
To believe in the promised, heavenís gateway, for one to step into
A locale in reality physically does not and canít exist.

Once there was a pious man
Rich in heart but poor and forlorn
Desiring welfare of people at large
Wanted to organize grand massive worship.
Decided to ask for help from lord of the land
For whoever went to him, never returned empty handed.

So he goes to visit him
Finds him in reverence praying
Wealth and grace with devotion seeking.
Such that he could maintain his standing
Among the people who believe he is ruling.

Is he no better than others, also begging?
Why not I ask the Lord directly for the blessing
Thought the man away walking

Mere middlemen whom, the Lord there is,
Never needs to dispense His mercy and Grace
To any however farthest, smallest or meanest
As all forms are His and have Her at their behest
Closest within their hearts in the layer deepest

But for my desire to be known as a well-wisher
Why did I even go to another beggar
Lord needs none to assist in nothing what so ever
As He alone exists, moment to moment forever

Rulers and guardians of religion wherever
As well are His forms, no different from others
Under the spell of delusion and desirous of power
These men of the world mislead the rest as though super
Unconscious, ignorant and self-deluding we surrender
For social acceptance and temporal rewards, a blunder.

The entire canvass of Life and Its process is but a play
Enacted by the ONE as though different in countless forms
As an actor plays several roles albeit he is himself.
Deluding the audience as though he forgot his sameness
At deepest level feeling the connectedness and oneness.

Whoever with a passive and neutral disposition
Remains consciously an observer oneself within
Reaches surely the center of pure awareness
Sees the Whole, making all grosser layers transparent
And mundane earthly pursuits more insignificant.

#maa telugu talliki mallepU daMDaa#

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