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The Lord And Myself

మోహన్ వల్లభజోశ్యుల



Do you expect me a lot different?
From what I am now?

No, I want you to be the way you are
Every instant as you live your life

I don’t expect or want ever
From anyone any thing, as
You are but My Self in your form, as well.
Just be your Self.

Easy for YOU to ask me to be my Self
When I don’t even know what Self means.
Besides this body of mine, I recognize none else
Thought, YOU wanted me to be myself the way I am

Oh! To be your Self, not so hard
When “your” melts down to naught
For, “Am“, in all just as in you, thy Self
Helping to expend the fuel, you, the non-Self.

#maa telugu talliki mallepU daMDaa#

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